Mediation Services

Mediation is a means by which parties can work together to resolve their differences with the help of a neutral party. Generally, approximately eighty percent of cases that go to mediation reach a settlement. Mediation has many advantages over going to court, including:

• Confidentiality. There will be no public record of a mediation. Additionally, all information discussed with a mediator by a party is strictly confidential, unless the party gives permission for the mediator to share the information.

• Cost. Mediation enables parties to settle their cases without the expense of lengthy discovery, depositions, and trial, thus reducing attorneys’ fees.

• Time. Through mediation, cases can be resolved much more quickly than going to trial, and there is no appeals process.

• Outcome/Self-Determination. The parties to the dispute craft their own resolution, so that they arrive at a win-win situation rather than the win-lose situation necessitated by a judgment in court.

Barbara Anscher can help you to reach a resolution that is a winning situation for everyone.